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etsyfindoftheday | 8.10.14

adjustable wooden sofa tray by liplap

the husbo and i do a lot of eating dinner in the living room because our kitchen/dining area is literally too narrow for both of us to fit in shoulder to shoulder ;) so, these rad sofa trays would be perfect for us! the wood is available in several stain options. protect your couch, people!!

I want.

My next room… Maybe


To the mountains.


World Cup Illustrations by Simon Prades



I think, you know… it’s heartbreaking. We left it all out there. Again, hats off to Belgium. They were fantastic, but we gave it a valiant effort.


Hilla Shamia
Wood Casting
Molten Aluminum and Charred Wood

The molten aluminum chars the area of the wood it comes into contact with darkening it and creating a stark contrast against this relatively light colored metal. The charring also causes further splitting in the wood which the molten aluminum can penetrate in its liquid form and form a strong bond with as it solidifies. [source (this link has some great pictures of the process btw)]

The designer creates these incredibly unique pieces of furniture by pouring molten aluminum onto the rounded, bark side of square sawn timber. They were shown at Milan Design Week 2012, and I’m not sure if they are still available for purchase (especially in the US). But she has listed two shops in Italy and Israel on her website if you are determined to acquire one! They are each so gorgeous, and so GNARLY. You go with your bad ass furniture, Hilla.


Artist uses recycled wood to build an elaborate system of explorable tunnels »

When I have to step in to save a deal




This is the best gif you’ll ever see